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A Premier Ballet Studio Established in 1962
The Official School of Conejo Civic Ballet Company

Welcome to Ballet Arts

Summer Programs - Our Summer Programs start July 5th and run through August 20th. There are three special programs for ballet dancers according to dance proficiency that include character, jazz and contemporary dance. There are classes for our youngest dancers, combination classes and tap classes. Check out our Summer Schedule for more information.

Ballet Arts has provided dance education in the Conejo Valley for over 50 years (Established - 1962). We have classes in Ballet, Character, Contemporay Ballet and Tap. Ballet Arts is competition-free; that is not to say our students are not competitive, just that we do not promote sports-like competitions that are more lucrative than educational. Rather our dance education is centered around stage performance. Professional quality dance productions with Conejo Civic Ballet Company provide students with theater experience and the opportunity to refine their dance technique. In the process they develop technical and social skills needed for collective participation towards a common goal. We feel these skills are more valuable to the community and to the individual. And besides, even though preparing for a major full-length ballet performance is hard work, our students find out that it is a lot of fun - fun that they share with other dancers.

While our core programs are in ballet, we also offer increasingly popular classes in contemporary ballet, character dance and tap. We have special programs for the youngest members of our dance community starting at age 3 and also for teens and adults who find they just can not live without dance or want to start learning now. So whatever your age, come and join us in a dance class just for you.

Rates for our classes vary depending on how many classes a week the student attends. See the Classes page for pricing details. For core ballet students who wish to perform with Conejo Civic Ballet Company the additional costs are:

  • Performance Fee: $90 per production (all performances)
  • Costume Fee: No special fee however, student must have nude leotard liner, garment bag, tights and shoes.
  • Ticket Purchases: No minimum.

Studio3_0033 (15K)The links in the tabs above the banner provide more information about Ballet Arts. About Us explains our philosophy of dance education and a little bit of history of our school. If you are new to Ballet Arts you should also read our CCBC Casting page since it describes our philosophy for selecting roles in CCBC productions and our expectations of our students. Other links provide information about our Curriculum, Schedule, a description of our Classes and our Faculty. The Contact link provides information on where we are and how to reach us.

Please note: The tabs at the top of the page open collections of web pages. The Performances tab will take you to web pages that show pictures and video of recent live dance performances - after all, dance is a performing art and we would not want you to miss any of the enjoyment. The Dancewear page will take you to a description of dancewear with prices offered at Ballet Arts Dancewear store.

pointe shoeIn April of 2005 we opened a dancewear store next to our Ballet Arts studios. You will find leotards, tights, skirts, pants and tops, ballet shoes and foot care products in Ballet Arts Dancewear at unbeatable prices. For advanced ballet students, we have added Grishko "Ulanova", "2007" , and "2007Pro" pointe shoes to our product line at affordable prices.